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Rock On!

Need I say more? This campaign won Applied Arts & the Anvil Awards.

Safari Brunch

The Calgary Zoo feeds more than just the animals. The Safari Brunch is another way of engaging the family. Sabrina worked with Trigger and photographer Jean Perron to build these mouth watering print ads. This campaign won at the Anvil Awards and even the IAAPA Brass Ring (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions).

Kids shouldn't have adult hair.

You can say that again! This award winning campaign left quite the impression catching Canadians off guard. This campaign has won for the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Applied Arts, and the Anvil Awards.


The Babies Have Arrived

The Calgary Zoo had a busy year with the introduction of a baby tiger, baby giraffe, baby elephant and even some new piranhas! This guerilla campaign picked up awards at both The Marketing Awards & The Anvil Awards.


This is MY wheat field!

From CSI to CGI. Working with Adfarm, we managed to make working on any product, even Velociity m3 herbicide from Bayer CropScience entertaining. With 3 years of creative briefs and 2 TV commercials, this campaign won at both CAMA & NAMA award shows.



Infinity, by Bayer CropScience, was out of this world in performance and technology. This was an entertaining take on the typical testimonial campaign that exists everywhere in this category. It won at the Canadian Agri-Marketing Awards for TV series, billboard and overall campaign.


Sabrina, along with the crew from AdFarm couldn't help themselves from creating a few outtakes.



PUMA, another herbicide from Bayer CropScience, has had a long history of campaigns featuring this beautiful breed of cat. While working with AdFarm, Sabrina and the team decided to turn him into the ultimate guard dog and best friend a grower could have. Charlie, the puma, was from Bozeman, Montana. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



While working with GreenLight, one of Sabrina’s assignments was to promote Buzz Aldrin. Paired with Tang, the ideas were limitless.



Another assignment while working for GreenLight was to work out how CocaCola and Ali could pair up to promote the 2012 Olympics.


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