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Quarter Section Creative was started in 2011 with one goal. To provide quality creative solutions to our clients. How do we plan on doing that? By remaining at the top of the industry with knowledge and trends. We know how to brand your company for success and position you in the market to stand out and make a difference.



Art Direction


Graphic Design

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Branding & Identity

Video Production



Sabrina McAllister, Founder & Creative Director

Graphic Design
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Sabrina McAllister graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design's Visual Communication program with a Bachelor of Design degree, majoring in Advertising and minoring in Graphic Design.


She started her career in advertising as an Art Director at Trigger Communications, a Calgary based ad agency, working on clients such as the Calgary Zoo, Orchard Park Mall and Community Savings. From there, she moved to an agricultural focused agency called AdFarm spending most of her time on the Bayer CropScience account. Sabrina then took on a position from an affiliated company to Corbis Images called GreenLight Rights. There she worked with the personalities and rights of Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein & Bruce Lee to name a few. In 2011, after working at GreenLight, she decided to start up Quarter Section Creative.


Sabrina has created award-winning campaigns recognized in shows across North America, including Calgary's Anvil Awards, The Extras, Marketing Magazine, Applied Arts, the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, National Agri-Marketing Association and even the International Associate of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

What people are saying:

"A Rare Find"

"Sabrina is a rare find of creative abilities and agriculture knowledge. This combination translates into on-target, on-brand and on-message creative with few revisions. I would highly recommend working with Sabrina."


Jennifer Ewankiw

Kultiv8 Marketing

Client: Farmers Edge

"The experience, knowledge and consultative skills you usually only get at big city agencies"

"Thrilled with the final results"

"Sabrina quickly understood our project requirements and objectives, and provided us with a detailed plan to help us complete our project within a very short time frame. Her production team was both professional and passionate about their craft. We are thrilled with the final results!"


Lee Ann Waines

Marketing & Communications Manager

Quinn Contracting Ltd.

"We could not be happier"

"If you are looking for a professional to assist with re-branding, graphic design or anything to do with your image, you will do no better than hiring Sabrina @ QuarterSectionCreative. She brings the experience, knowledge and consultative skills you usually only get at big city agencies, all wrapped up in a personable, professional person. Her ability to understand how to represent you best graphically is fantastic and she always brings suggestions and out of the box ideas that push you to challenge your beliefs. I am looking forward to having a long working relationship with Sabrina as we develop many exciting projects together."


Dianne Smirl

Event Manager


"Above and beyond expectations"

"Sabrina is a very talented art director and designer. Every project we have collaborated on has been above and beyond expectations. She is the go-to when I need something to really wow a client, and I can rely on her to deliver results consistently."


Katie Phipps

Account Manager


"You'll wish that she was part of your team full time"

"Working with Sabrina as a freelancer is in a word, frustrating.


This is not due to any lapse in creativity, intelligence or execution, but because with every interaction or piece of work, you’ll wish that she was a part of your team full time. This leads one to accept too many projects or pardon creeping scopes in the sad hope that the extra capacity will trigger the need to engage her once again.


Few freelancers, or permanent team members, that I have had the pleasure of working with can match Sabrina’s gift for effortlessly grasping a brief, deepening her understanding with the right questions and then delivering work that extends beyond what was asked for. As a professional, she seems to possess a rare agility that progresses each project and an innate modesty that produces a fluid collaboration.


So hire Sabrina, but be prepared to be frustrated like never before."


Bruce Ramsay

Creative Director

Venture Communications

"Easily grasped our complex business"

"Sabrina was a quick study who easily grasped our complex business and understood how to take our needs and translate them into beautifully rendered creative. As important, as her understanding of the business grew over time her work showed an increased depth and, in turn, resonated well with our clients."


David Reeder

Vice President


"Creative, Sensible, Thoughtful"

"She's creative, sensible, thoughtful, engaged and nice to be around - everything I'd want in a creative body."


Komie Hossini

Marketing Engagement Specialist

Bayer CropScience

"Dawg Tired hired Sabrina to redo our logo(s) as part of our re-branding process. We had one meeting just to talk about the company and from that she had us nailed. Sabrina was thoughtful, and excellent listener, was able to extrapolate from our conversation our values, personalities, goals, passions and create our vision. We didn't know what that vision was, but Sabrina did. We could not be happier with our resulting logos and her continued support is amazing. We have since had Sabrina do a few other projects for us and we will use her in the future."


Kim O'Mahony

Co-Owner Dawg Tired Inc.

"Talented, strategic, detailed"

"Talented, strategic, detailed, thorough and truly collaborative are just a few of the words I'd use to describe Sabrina.


Working with her on a variety of projects as a freelance art director/writer team has showcased her ability to manage complexity, work under tight timelines and be a real team player/partner every step of the way.


When I'm on a project with Sabrina, I know It's going to be great. And fun. She has a way of making everything fun."


Shawna Robinson

Freelance Writer

"Delivers truly forward thinking"

"Sabrina takes the time to understand a client's objectives, then delivers truly forward thinking design that balances art with real-world business results."


Cheryl Grocock

Account Manager


"Sabrina is the person you need"

"Ok, I am not even kidding. If you need someone to totally own a project, like I mean everything from timing to concepting to full execution, Sabrina is the person you need. No matter how big or how small the problem is she will deliver on time with multiple options the first time around. Her ability to perfect the details and work fast is what makes her an asset to any group with any project. I wish she never left our team to start her own thing, but if there is ever a chance to work with her again in the future, I will take it.


Xerxes Irani

Creative Director

Veer, Corbis & GreenLight

"Keen sense of marketing objectives"

"Sabrina makes things happen. Whether it's worldwide campaigns or advertising concepts, she delivers incredible work. I am not only impressed by her talent, but also by her tremendous work ethic. She has a keen sense of marketing objectives and ensures they are met, without compromising her creative integrity. Sabrina is passionate, collaborative and detail-oriented. Most importantly, she is a wonderful person and an absolute joy to work with!


Julie Chase

Senior Marketing Manager


"Strong knowledge of the agricultural industry"

"Goes the extra mile"

"I have worked with Sabrina on a variety of projects across different mediums - from print to online. Her enthusiasm and creativity are always appreciated and deliver excellent results. Sabrina goes the extra mile to deliver what is required in a timely manner."


Amanda Howard

Senior Account Manager


"Sabrina Kaun (McAllister) is a first class art director. Her creative skills combined with her strong knowledge of the agricultural industry and her wonderful personality allowed our agency to excel. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sabrina Kaun (McAllister) again."


Kim McConnell

Former CEO


"Clear, Creative Vision"

"Sabrina is the Consummate Professional"

"It was a pleasure working with Sabrina while I was at Red Rover. She had a clear, creative vision, was organized, smart and such a pleasure to work with. The spots she conceived received numerous accolades and are among my favourites of my career. I would work with Sabrina again in a heartbeat."


Danielle Arachie

Project Manager

Red Rover

Over the years, I've had occasions to engage the services of the type that Sabrina provides in her field of professionalism. I found that either they had an abundance of creativity but were shy on technical skill required to execute their / your vision, or they had all the technical skills required, but were lacking in imagination. Well, one look at Sabrina’s work on Quarter Section Creative tells most anyone that she was strong in all of these areas.

Where I really came to admire Sabrina was; “with her ideas and her concepts so far ahead of what I could envision”, I actually pulled back from Quarter Section Creative for a short period of time. I was unable to grasp just how advanced technology in this area had advanced and I had neither the time nor the energy to figure it out.

As it happened during that period of time, I had to go to Sabrina for advice on “this” or advice and direction on “that” and to my amazement Sabrina treated me like (family), ………. like she had forgotten that I was a “past client” and I had never left. That is one rare and incredible “icing on the cake” quality that you rarely see anymore. Can I come back as a client so we can move the marketing quality forward
a few levels Sabrina??


Neil Montgomery


Vibe Drive Technologies

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